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Tacit Agreement in

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Tacit Agreement in Business Relationships: Why It Matters

When businesses enter into partnerships, collaborations, or any type of professional relationship, they often rely on formal documents such as contracts and agreements to clearly define the terms of their partnership. However, there is often another type of agreement that is just as important, if not more so – tacit agreement.

What is Tacit Agreement?

Tacit agreement refers to an understanding or agreement that is not explicitly stated but is understood and accepted by both parties. It is a type of unspoken agreement that arises from the actions and behaviors of both parties, rather than from a written contract.

For example, when a supplier consistently delivers high-quality products on time, the buyer may come to expect this level of service and rely on it as part of their business relationship. Even though the supplier may not have explicitly promised to always meet these expectations, the consistent delivery of high-quality products has created a tacit agreement between the parties.

Why is Tacit Agreement Important?

Tacit agreement is important because it helps to establish trust and understanding between business partners. When both parties implicitly understand each other`s expectations and obligations, it can help to ensure that the partnership runs smoothly and that both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

Additionally, tacit agreement can help to prevent misunderstandings or disputes that may arise from a lack of clear communication or vague terms in a written contract. When both parties have a clear understanding of each other`s expectations and obligations, it can help to avoid conflict and promote a positive working relationship.

How to Establish Tacit Agreement

Establishing tacit agreement requires open and ongoing communication between the parties. Both parties should be clear about their expectations and obligations, and should regularly check in with each other to ensure that they continue to meet these expectations.

In addition, both parties should be consistent in their behaviors and actions, so that the other party can rely on them and trust that they will continue to meet their obligations. This may include meeting deadlines, delivering quality work, and being responsive to communication.


While formal contracts and agreements are important in business relationships, tacit agreement can be just as critical in establishing a positive and productive partnership. By understanding and relying on each other`s implicit expectations and obligations, both parties can build trust, prevent conflict, and promote a successful outcome.

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